(UPDATE) Someone Break The Rule

Another mod in this comm told me that someone maybe uploading our 5x20 concert. A bit digging, she uploaded file with the exact size (literally the exact size) and there are other circumstances that make us believe she did uploading our file. Plus, she put ads so she can get some money when people clicking it.

I don't know who you are since the account is not the member of this comm (yeah sure, who is stupid enough to re-upload with the same account), but i pissed so much. i don't understand why you need to reupload and took some money from it. If you want to get money, buy your own copy.

Plus she is from Indonesia, why oh why Indonesia. I'm from indonesia and tbh i'm not surprised when i found she is from Indonesia

UPDATE: I still don't know her account. But she deleted her arashi 5x20 concert posting and change information from Indonesia to Malaysia.