bambichesuto (steffiindrajana) wrote in urauramania,

Someone Break The Rule

Another mod in this comm told me that someone maybe uploading our 5x20 concert. A bit digging, she uploaded file with the exact size (literally the exact size) and there are other circumstances that make us believe she did uploading our file. Plus, she put ads so she can get some money when people clicking it.

I don't know who you are since the account is not the member of this comm (yeah sure, who is stupid enough to re-upload with the same account), but i pissed so much. i don't understand why you need to reupload and took some money from it. If you want to get money, buy your own copy.

Plus she is from Indonesia, why oh why Indonesia. I'm from indonesia and tbh i'm not surprised when i found she is from Indonesia 
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Oh dear.. That sucks :(


October 18 2020, 06:40:05 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 06:40:30 UTC

That's not right. And tbh, SHAMEFUL >>|||<<
I'm sorry to hear that, kak.

Boleh komen pake bahasa ga? B.Ing ku kurang fasih. Aku sedih banget deh kalo tiap ada comm umumin rule breakers. kadang gak ngerti juga kenapa di reupload, diprofit lagi. kan udah janji kalo ga akan reupload. :( mereka mengurangi kesenangan berfangirl.

Siapa akunnya kak? :( butuh jasa labrak ga? jadi penasaran. apa dia suka reup yg lain2 juga? aku tebak2an kan jadinya (jangan2... jangan2). Semoga bisa ketemu akunnya, dan semoga dia gak reupload, apapun itu.
ohnoes! :((( I wish people would stop doing this. They're making it easier for us to be detected by JE. Hope he/she learns her lesson. :((((


October 18 2020, 13:56:19 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 13:58:37 UTC

NOOOO what a party pooper, and arashi hasnt even released party starters smh. do you need jasa labrak/reminder, kali mo dibantu silaturahmi


October 18 2020, 14:13:39 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 14:15:19 UTC

I just found the culprit's! It's very easy to find her LJ account. She is from Indonesia! And the worse thing is... She really use to earn money from your content. oh shit, I'm speechless :(
I'm sorry to hear that.

Begini ini yang bikin sedih, semoga gak kejadian lagi di lain hari.

Meski aku belum donlot tuh 5x20 concert, karena belum nemu jawabannya dan size is so huge, well, hahahaha, and then crying in the corner.

Tetep semangat ya. Semoga kita selalu dijauhkan dari para rule breakers. I just dislike people who can't keep their words (read: promise). Hope they will kena batunya.

Maafkan, bahasaku campur aduk. Mungkin karena aku sudah lelah. Oyasuminasai.
i'm sorry for hear that :((
why she do that.. this is so frustating...
i hope this won't happen again...
aduh kak, jangan2 orang itu adalah raw provider yg disebutkan sama orang yg ngesub MC talknya di grup sebelah? parah siiih kalo gitu mah
again? *sigh*
I think I found the LJ... I think there's only LJ who put
Aaaaahhh! That's really bad! Copying it somewhere else is sad but making money out of it--- That is worse. I hope you somehow find out who it is...
That does make one feel frustrated.
I feel sad knowing this kind of person is among us. How could you betray the generosity like this?
Whoever you are, I'm ashamed of you. :(
Why :''(
I've just had the time to download since the size is big, and now the link gone already TT__TT
Can't help it tho :'' Why people can't be grateful enough just to have the video for themselves :'') It's not like they pay for it or anything.
I'm so sorry for what happened to you. I hope this case doen't make you down.
Hi, by any chance have u found the hannin? It must be very frustrating,I am very sorry this happened to u. It's so hard to find generous ppl in the fandom to help us with the Eng sub yet these shameless person uses ur work for his own profit. I really am mad. We should "protect" each other. Idk what to say to cheer u up but please know that our pray and thoughts are with u, hope u'll smile again very very soon. And thank you for ur kindness to help us to enjoy Arashi's shows more by subbing it.
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