bambichesuto (steffiindrajana) wrote in urauramania,

Someone Break The Rule

Another mod in this comm told me that someone maybe uploading our 5x20 concert. A bit digging, she uploaded file with the exact size (literally the exact size) and there are other circumstances that make us believe she did uploading our file. Plus, she put ads so she can get some money when people clicking it.

I don't know who you are since the account is not the member of this comm (yeah sure, who is stupid enough to re-upload with the same account), but i pissed so much. i don't understand why you need to reupload and took some money from it. If you want to get money, buy your own copy.

Plus she is from Indonesia, why oh why Indonesia. I'm from indonesia and tbh i'm not surprised when i found she is from Indonesia 
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Urgh, why does this always have to happen? Why can't people learn or understand that they're spoiling the fun for every other fan through their selfish actions? That they're making uploaders and mods frustrated / fed up?
I hope this won't happen again (yeah, probably really naive thinking) and you'll catch the culprit.

What anger and frustration. It is true that abiding by rules is wrong, but getting a financial benefit is the worst.
I hope you find out who it is and that this does not happen again.
I'm sorry to hear that :(
What a shame!! 2020 was like hell and there's shit people do exist as well.
Hope you will find out who is she/her account as soon as possible, so can block her or do whatever to her, so this won't happen again in the future.
ah you are also From Indonesia.
ok aman lah kalo gtu ngom pakai bahasa Indo 😂.
aduh kenapa sih pada bandel amat di - reupload.
i'm sorry to hear that Steffi 😢
I'm really sorry to hear that T_T
It's really frustrating when someone reupload and break the rules. But getting money out of it , that's really unacceptable
Really hope this won't happen again and that you'll find the culprit soon
This is so frustrating and annoying. Rules are there for a reason -.- i hope you manage to find out who it is.
I thought everyone in Arashi fandom knew ads or any profit from sharing arashi files is a big NO. From fans to fans it has been or motto from the start.
Respect fansites rules, they are pretty clear and easy to follow.
Sorry to hear about this... it’s really sad that someone will try to take advantage of your hard work for financial gain. Thanks for everything you do!
so sad. rules breakers are the worst
So sad!
"Promises are made NOT to be broken" for a decent human being, and the worst is making money out of someone`s hard work is a no no.
I am very sorry to hear that :(
This is unfair and disrespectful on so many levels. I don't know why some people repay other's kindness with disrespect!
That is so disheartening to hear :(
that's cruel :(
so sorry to hear that
This is so infuriating, the audacity of that person >:( I hope you find out who that selfish person is so this won't happen again. We really appreciate you and I hope all will respect your rules too.


October 18 2020, 05:06:31 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 05:09:43 UTC

Hadeh udah labrak aja orangnya.. Hahah kidding.. But, i very sorry for hear this because i enjoy your video. Please don't feel down. ❤️❤️

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